Wednesday, July 21, 2004

MTGO - Fifth Dawn

OK, the new expansion for MTGO appeared last week. The release events seem to have gone off reasonably well. They had to put a user cap on for a while but the servers seemed to cope OK. At least we didn’t get the major crashes that happened when Darksteel came online. I have just purchased 2 boosters and 22 tickets. It’s not the same as tearing real boosters open and feverishly seeing what rare you’ve got though.

And tickets, well, they are a sort of online currency. You use them to pay the entry fee for leagues, drafts and the like. But also use them to buy cards in the marketplace and trading post. I like to get tix (as they are known) and then just get the cards I want for specific deck ideas. I find my pocket doesn’t suffer so much that way. And I get a couple of reasonable decks to play in the casual rooms.

Haven’t had a chance to log on to see what my 2 boosters contain, crap I expect. But that’s part of the lure of the game as the manufacturers know full well. I will let you know how my first experiences with Fifth Dawn fair shortly.

Also at times of these new releases I do wish I had broadband. To download the Fifth Dawn images and associated updates for the MTGO client took me almost 90 mins. When I first installed MTGO the downloads took 6-7 HOURS!! So broadband would be a godsend.


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