Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ticket to Ride - Belgium Board

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Here are all the materials necessary to make your own Belgium board for Ticket to Ride. First I downloaded the 8 A4 sections of the board from the net and the 4 A4 sheets that comprise the tickets (2 fronts and 2 backs). I obtained a piece of polyboard to the appropriate size (72cm x 52cm). This is ideal being strong and light. Then I trimmed all the sheets and laid them on the polyboard to get the initial position. Using Spraymount I stuck the sheets onto the polyboard, taking great care to match up the graphics. It's quite difficult to get it right across the whole board and I think I am out fractionally in one bit, but it doesn't show too much.
Then I spraymounted the backs and fronts of the tickets together. I had purchased some A4 laminate film from Rymans and laminated the tickets front and back, sort of a film sandwich! This produces quite a decent thickness for the tickets that should wear quite well. Finally I used a scalpel and steel rule to cut out the tickets.
Now the board has had a chance for the spraymount to dry a bit so I finished the board by spraying it with about 5 light coats of clear acrylic spray. This produces a hard, clear semi sheen finish.


At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this info. Looks a little bit similar to what we have done. It is a lot of fun, I think and it really pays off to invest the time. The game is really nice! I also enjoyed reading the other TTR related entries - especially some hints on strategies and tactics...


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