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Roborally Report

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As I said previously, I didn’t make it to Billygames this week. So......introducing guest reporter, Natalie. These are comments she made as the game progressed. Take it away Nat.

This is not really a write-up, more some notes we/I made along the way:

Garry had not played before and it had been ages since Steve had played and so we spent a little while going over the rules. Richard chose two boards which were not the hardest but also not the easiest. Garry was the first to die - when he played his first card! What better way to learn? Steve initially seemed to be bullet-proof, not taking damage for many turns and, the first time he was hurt he was shot twice in one turn but ended the turn on a double spanner and so healed both points of damage.

Richard seems to have been the one to concentrate on option cards and managed to draw three offensive cards, even though he drew the latter two after losing the first by dying. Neil was squished by a crusher on his second turn.

I managed to program the wrong robot early on and never really caught up after that but it was still a blast. It was quite some time before anyone fell off the board. I think that we all managed to avoid falling in a pit. During one turn, while he was powered down, Garry was shot six times and so returned with six damage when he powered up. Steve was in the lead for a long time but, suddenly, had gone down to three cards (6 damage). I got squished by a crusher and had not managed to make any check-points and so came back on at flag 1. The next turn after that, both Steve and Richard fell off the board!
Richard persevered, however, and won the game without anyone really noticing. We were all to busy trying to stay alive to be able to try to stop him.
At the end of the game, everyone was, miraculously, on the board!

Final Scores
Player, Flag, Lives, Damage
Richard, 4 (all), 2, 2
Steve, 3, 2, 4
Garry, 2, 3, 3
Natalie, 1, 3, 0
Neil, 1, 2, 1

Thanks to Natalie for all the info. I don’t think I shall make it next week either so maybe I can persuade Natalie to step into the breach again!


At 1:21 PM, Blogger Richard Minson said...

I know Roborally is something that Colin isn’t too keen on, so in his absence it was good to get to play a game. The thing about Roborally is the more players the better as it leads to more player interaction which is where the fun comes in, player interaction can also be increased by making sure that robots going from one flag to another cross paths with robots going to other flags (as once again this creates more interaction and therfore more fun!!).

Anyway with the above in mind we (well me if I am honest) created a 2 map board with 4 flags (1start, 1 finish & 2 other ) going backwards and forwards between the 2 maps boards. I also took the precaution of making sure I got my favourite robot ‘Twonky’ – maybe a little bit to Natalie’s disadvantage as she also has a preference for playing him and did get a but confused later in the game as to which was her robot!

Anyway on the game, most of the other robot lined up their start direction so as to get to the first flag as quickly as possible – I on the other hand had already decided the whole point of Roborallly isn’t winning but getting tooled up with enhancements and headed in the other direction to the closet upgrade square – quickly acquiring a rather dinky rear firing laser!! – unfortunately I quickly made the mistake of turning left rather then right and fell of the board losing the upgrade!!

Being somewhat behind the other players in the race to the first flag (who were involved in a rather gruesome fight just before said flag ) by the time a got there nobody was in a state to actually get in my way (I even had chance to acquire a couple more upgrades - including a turret for my laser – which I put to good use blasting anyone at any opportunity!!).

In fact so much had the other robots damaged each other I went straight onto the 2nd Flag without losing anymore lives – hell I was going to make the finish flag without even the slightest chance of anyone catching me!! – that was until I ended upon a crusher covered conveyor with only one left turn a loads of forward moves (2s & 3s only!!). Turning left and going forward unfortunately would only result in me going straight off the edge of the board!!. Having no option but to try and dodge the crushers on the conveyor with only move forwards – would have managed it but for Gary pushing me and upsetting my intricate calculations – so I was Squished and sent back to the penultimate flag!!

Losing one of my upgrades (I kept the turret for the laser) my final run the finish flag was surprisingly event free – I don’t think anybody was in the correct part of the board to interfere with me – so I managed to WIN!!

To tell the truth Roborally isn’t a game I normally set out with the idea of winning – I normally start with idea of where can I get tooled up and who can I shoot – basically lets have FUN!! .. Anyway the win was an added bonus – so I managed to win and have fun – can’t be bad can it?


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