Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Saturday Games Day on the Cards!

No Billygames again last night, so I did’nt have to tape CSI and CSI Miami. I think that they have made them a bit too gory now, and I definitely don’t like the way they have split up the team and given Grissom a minor role now. Catherine is sucking up to the new boss, ugh!. Anyway the theme music is still great (the Who) So what has this to do with boardgames, well, nothing really.

But this Saturday we have a full days gaming to look forward to. Garry is kindly hosting, and Steve, Richard and myself will make four players. This enables us to play the slew of 4 player games that we normally don’t have a chance to play because we are normally more than four. I will take over a couple of my favourites, probably Goa and St. Petersburg. I think they will have strong competition for table time because Garry has just received a big parcel of games from Adam Spielt. I know he has Oltremare and China for a start. Oltremare has had some good reviews and I am looking forward to playing it. More of a card game than a boardgame, but hey, I like cardgames too. So you can be sure that I will have a full report with pictures of the days events, until then happy boardgaming!


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