Sunday, December 11, 2005


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Garry also had a copy of Alan Moon's game Diamante which again only Garry and myself hadn't played. Jo ran through a very colourful description of the rules for our benefit. Of which this is an abbreviated extract, not verbatim but close enough. Each player has a playing piece shaped like a man in his own colour. To determine whether you are staying in or out of the cave you take your man in your hand under the table!! We then all place our fists on the table and reveal simultaneously. If your man is in your hand, then you are exiting the cave, if your man is in your hand under the table you are penetrating further in!!! Well, that was worth the purchase price of the game to start with.I found this to be a fun, light game with a short playing time. Ideal for non-gamers and to round off a gaming session. We played 3 games and Steve ran away the easy winner. Jo had the distinction of scoring no points in the last game. Richard was determined to get a good score in the second game and bravely ventured on alone into the cave only to get clobbered with a large pile of gems in front of him. Expletive deleted!!!
In the picture you can see Jo's expression after getting, not the 17 card he wanted, but an explosion which ended his little expedition this time.
Final Scores
Game 1
Steve 33, Jo 29, Garry 25, Richard 5, Colin 14

Game 2
Steve 43, Jo 15, Garry 8, Richard 14, Colin 20

Game 3
Steve 14, Jo 0, Garry 15, Richard 27, Colin 18


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