Thursday, August 24, 2006

the bracket

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We played Antike this week and the report is to follow, but first some exciting news. It was touch and go all week which venue we would be playing at, mine, or if Steve managed to repair the bracket on his table, at Steve's. Here is a bit of background information, Richard, quite by accident had destroyed the bracket holding up half of Steve's table, not once but twice. Obviously drastic measures were called for, seating Richard away from the offending bracket seemed the obvious choice, but a major repair job was on the cards. Phew, on the Sunday we received information that the operation had been performed successfully and that Steve's table was now operational again. See the pic for the thoroughly professional job Steve did on the offending bracket. And as a severe test we seated Richard directly over it and it came through with flying colours. I'm sure you are all very relieved about that.......OK, OK, the reports coming next.


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