Monday, January 04, 2010

It's all over now!

Well, that went pretty fast. We had a quiet Christmas here in St. Wolfgang, no snow then, but plenty now. Typical a week late.....ah well! There's always next year. Played a couple of games over the festive period, Tikal and TtR Marklin. Took Tikal back to the library and got out 'Through the Desert', only played that once or twice a few years ago, so looking forward to getting reaquainted.
My online game store of choice 'Spiel-Offensive' has some great deals on at the moment, loads of games for under 10 Euro. I had some money for my birthday (Christmas Eve!) so thought I would treat myself. I have been reading good things about Tobago and it looks great so that went on the list. Then a couple of cheapies to make up the order, several to choose from but I went with Justinian (2.99 Euro) and Hector and Achilles (2.99 Euro). They may not be games in the top 10 but they look great and for 2.99 are a steal.

Happy New Year to all and Happy Gaming!!


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