Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tuesday August 10th - Stadens Nyckel

After a little discussion we decided that our game tonight would be Stadens Nyckel, a swedish city development game. Here is the description from the Geek.

In this fun but luck-intensive game, players represent noble families trying to build up their neighborhoods and have their family members in high offices at the right times. These goals are aided by cards, which either aid families competing for high office or show buildings that can be placed in the neighborhoods. At the end of each turn an event card takes effect, giving points to officeholders, allowing free building, or causing some other occurrence. Layed out around the board during game setup, these event cards are revealed to allow players to see the upcoming three events. When all the event cards have taken effect, players score points for their neighborhoods and for occupying high offices. The player with the most points takes the day.

Steve had been wanting to play this for some time but the opportunity never seemed to arise, anyway tonight he got his wish. After a rather hesitant stumble through the rules I don’t think anybody really knew what they were doing. So press onward, it will all become clear as we play we thought. Well, sort of, money is tight throughout the game and Richard just kept taking the money, which ultimately payed off in the end as he was a convincing winner. As the description in the geek says, rather luck based. Steve had tried to eliminate some of the luck by writing some house rules, which we didn’t know about until half way through the game. Not one of our favourites and probably not likely to hit the table again, but worth giving it a go.

Final Scores
Neil 10, Richard 15, Natalie 11, Steve 11, Colin 8, Garry 5

Rating (0-10)
Colin 5


At 7:29 AM, Blogger Greg J. Schloesser said...

Regarding Stadens Nyckel, I'd suggest you give the game a try using the variants posted on the Westbank Gamers website. My first playing of the game was disappointing, but subsequent plays using these variants improved the experience considerably.


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