Monday, November 08, 2004

Rules clarifications for the Belgium Board

I have just read on the belgian website that published this expansion that this variation is best with 2-3 players! Trust me to read this after I have made the board. Anyway the designer says that there are about 80% of the routes that there are on the original American board so if you play with more than 3 to restrict the number of carriages. i.e. 4 players = 40 carriages and 5 players = 35 carriages. Consequently the game will be shorter, but the number of opportunities for blocking seem to be rather greater. If the Babel-fish translation is anything like accurate it says that there are more coloured routes than the grey generic routes that are on the American board. I have given it a dry run, couldn’t get the wife to play, she did have a horrible cold to be fair, and it plays completely different to the original.


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