Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No Billygames so more waffle from me

Well, I wasn’t going to be at Billygames this week anyway. I had some horrible dental work and didn’t think I would feel like playing so had already cried off. 4 injections, 2 x-rays and a root filling in a 30 minute appointment. I have to go back in a month for a 45 minute appointment. God knows, what he’s going to to then. Not looking forward to that then. Apparently the session was called off at the last minute due to illness. The game slated for playing was another session of Roborally, as I have said before, not one of my favourites. So next week it will be Richard’s choice of game and provisionally full attendance is expected. What will Richard choose I wonder, I know he likes the meatier type of gamer’s game but with six players it does limit the choice a bit.

I wrote a little while ago about the list of gaming blogs on BGG. Well, on this blog I have a hit counter and you can look at the stats and see who’s been on. It’s surprising the number of hits we’ve been getting and from all round the world as well. I thought I would mention a few that are definitely worth having a look at.

First off we have Naturelich.

Especially if you are a fan of Ticket To Ride. There is a lot about this game and all the fan produced boards. As well as interesting stuff about music and movies.

An interesting site from Alaska is &games.

Great chat about games and life in Alaska.

Spiel: Boardgames in the UK is Gary Lloyd’s blog.

Again another site well worth a visit. Great stuff about gaming in the UK.

Well, that’s only three but there are loads of others and I will try to mention some more in the future. Til next time, have fun.


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