Monday, May 16, 2005

Well arrived in Austria

I am typing this from the internet terminal in the hotel Franz Josef. Much to my wife's dismay they have installed internet access. So we arrived at about 10.45 on Saturday. Our journey to Stansted airport wasn't without incident as my friend who was taking us, well his car developed a problem. We limped to Gatwick airport, I know wrong airport!! This was so we could get a taxi to the correct airport, Stansted. The taxi was fast and we arrived at 4.30am, yes, am, for our 6.40am flight. The flight was on time arriving at Salzburg at 9.30am our friend Franz was waiting for us so we arrived at the hotel at 10.45. Totally frazzled we slept for about 3 hours in the afternoon. Still we are here, this is Monday and we have just done our first walk. About 3 and half hours around the lake, the weather is pretty changeable and we have had sun and a little rain but it was great. So we have planned to go to Salzburg later in the week, wednesday or thursday. The game shops beckon. I will post again when we have been to Salzburg and recount our time there. Until then happy gaming!!


At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Garry said...

Hi Colin,

Sorry to hear about the problems at the start of the holiday, and I hope that Tina's not giving you to much grief for using the Hotels internet connection. Have you been to the game shop yet? what did you get? If you not been and you see this note could you get me a copy of Diamant. Have a nice holiday.



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