Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tuesday February 21st - E-&-T-Cardgame

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So Richard is back in one piece from the piste!! That means four players for tonight and the E&T cardgame is on the the table. Garry and I hadn't played it before and Steve had played twice and Richard once. We had all played the boardgame so a quick run through the rules was in order which didn't take long. The gameplay was fairly straightforward, plenty of reviews on BGG if need more info. But I didn't take to it much I must say. I know the boardgame is considered a classic, that doesn't rate in my top 10 either. So we placed our leaders, laid a few cards, scored a few cards, had a few battles...... And after about 90 minutes Richard won with a score of 6. The playing time on the box is 45 minutes!!!! I came second with 5 and I didn't really know what I was doing. Steve instigated a lot of battles and I don't think he won one.

Final Scores
Richard 6, Colin 5, Garry 3 (tiebreak), Steve 3

As we had a bit of time left we finished off with 3 hands of Hol's der Geier. This is a simple trick taking game. Each player has 15 cards to 15. There are a stack of cards to play for -5 to 10. These are shuffled and one turned over, the winner of the trick gets this card. Highest card wins the plus numbers and the lowest card wins the minus numbers. Quick playing and good fun. In the last hand I managed to go the whole 15 tricks without winning one!!!

Final Scores (3 hands totalled)
Garry 38, Steve 34, Richard 28, Colin 22

There are a few good trick taking games around although I know they are not everybody's cup of tea. Still maybe we should have an evening of cardgames :)


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