Monday, March 13, 2006

Il Principe - cont.

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Each job has a special ability which is actioned as soon as you win the job. Such things like flip one face down card, place a shield on a region, get 2 money, get 1VP and draw a building card. The other advantage of being in possesion of jobs is that when a city is built, the owners of the colours needed to build that city get VPs. 2 for the large job and 1 for the small. The builder of the city also gets VPs but not forthe job cards he owns if they match the needed colours. They also get to put either 1 or 2 shields on the region map. So when you build a city you have to take into account
who has the jobs because you may be giving VPs to your closest rival. The game ends when you are not able to deal four cards to players at the start of a round or there are only a certain number of city cards left. There are a number of ways to score VPs at game end. Majority in a region, most cards in hand, most money, sets of cards on the table and so on.

I don't think I have explained that very well, but more info is on the geek. Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed playing, there are several interesting mechanisms interacting which involve making tough decisions. The game doesn't run too long and doesn't get bogged down along the way.

Final Scores
Richard 61, Steve 52, Colin 51, Garry 41


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