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Tuesday May 2nd - Industrial Waste

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Back to 4 again this week and Richard chose Industrial Waste. A 2001 game by Jürgen Strohm published by Hans Im Glück/Rio Grande Games. The theme is energy production and you have manage your manpower and energy production against the amount of pollution you produce. Obviously pollution is bad so you must try and keep that to a minimum. You can enlarge your factory to get more euros each time you produce, reduce your manpower (get more efficient) and reduce the amount of pollution you produce with each order. The turns are card driven, columns of 3 cards, one for each player plus one, are laid out and the starting player for the round has first pick. Then round the table clockwise. Then you each play a card and action it until you run out of cards or pass. You are allowed to keep one card for the next round. The cards do various things like reduce your pollution, auction barrels, decrease your manpower, barrels needed for an order or pollution (innovation), give pollution to other players and so on.
When a player has moved their factory to the last space on the board the game ends. Of course there are accidents, if the accident card is turned over each player in the yellow or red areas on the pollution scale have to pay 5/10 million euros and move their factory back 1 or 2 spaces. I must admit when Steve was explaining the rules it did seem a bit messy, but after playing 1 round it seemed to fall into place (as a lot of games do!!). I really enjoyed it after that and would gladly play again.
Richard had bought Tittica along as well hoping we might get in a game, but we had run out of time for this week.
Garry has sent an order off to Adam Spielt for some games for us all and these should have arrived by next week. So I think Thurn und Taxis may hitting the table.

Final Scores (Factories, Workers, Production, Pollution, Money, Total)
Richard 20 - 15 - 10 - 15 - 11 = 71
Colin 19 - 6 - 15 - 15 - 9 = 64
Garry 19 - 3 - 15 - 10 - 12 = 59
Steve 16 - 6 - 15 - 15 - 3 = 55


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