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Tuesday 4th April - RA

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Today we all assembled at Garry's for a game or two of Renier Knizia's Ra. We had all played this game before apart from Garry, although the last time I played was a while ago. This is really an auction game with an egyptian theme thrown on, this doesn't make it any less of a good game. Basically the game runs for three epochs (rounds) and each epoch you can purchase 3 lots of tiles with your 3 bidding tiles. Getting rivers, civilisations, monuments and so on. Multiples score more and rivers don't score at all unless you have a flood tile to go with them. If you don't have a civilisation tile you get minus 5 points. Some tiles are thrown away between epochs so you have to collect them again.
I enjoy this game, it plays quickly and smoothly and gives a good number of choices to make. Richard played a blinder in both of the games we played ending last in each. He gambled waiting until last to bid and turning over tiles to get a good score but that last Ra tile kept popping up.

Final Scores
Game 1
Steve 36, Garry 31, Colin 21, Richard 15

Game 2
Carry 49, Colin 48, Steve 30, Richard 9

Richard had just purchased the new Ticket to Ride - Marklin and we had a quick look at the bits etc. I like the TtR games and this looks to add a few new twists. My choice next week and this looks likes a good candidate.

Happy Gaming!!!


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