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Tuesday 6th June - Ark

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Well, here I am back off of holiday. Had a nice time in Austria despite the rain we had for 12 days out of 14. Ah well, there was still the Tiroler Grostle and Kaisersmarn. So thanks for the comments on the Industria report. Perhaps Steve, who wrote the report could clarify whether it was an enjoyable experience or not. My first session back and the game on the table is Ark, the 2005 game from Doris and Frank. Basically this is a card game involving putting animals into cabins on the ark. Each animal has a weight and is either a carnivore or herbivore or omnivore. There are certain restrictions as to which animal can go next to which animal and you either play cards onto a cabin or draw cards to fill your hand.
When we ran through the rules it seemed a bit confusing, luckily Garry had printed out some reference sheets from the Geek which helped a lot. The first game was a bit of a learning curve but we soon got the hang of it. There are 5 rain cards distributed in bottom half of the draw pile and when the fifth card shows up that is the end of the game. We played a second game and it was a lot smoother, although I still had to use the reference card. I enjoyed it and I think Garry and Steve did too.

Final Scores
Game 1
Steve 36, Garry 38, Colin 27

Game 2
Steve 30, Garry 29, Colin 40

This was a purchase Garry made at Essen last year. Talking of Essen, I booked my flight and hotel on monday so I’m ready to go. Garry and Jo are going too, Steve get moving there won’t be any hotel rooms left soon :)
We are flying out on the Wednesday, staying 2 nights in the hotel and flying back friday evening. Just got to save some money to actually buy some games now.

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