Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday 29th August - Cleopatra....well it should have been

Yes, you should be reading of our adventure into the world of ancient Egypt, but, due the poxy transport system in this country I had to cancel the session. We were meeting at my house and the wife had arranged the table arrangements and made the sandwiches ready for us.....but of course my train home was cancelled and I would be arriving too late to really start, so reluctantly I cancelled. Shame really because Jo was going to make a rare appearance at Billygames.
I was looking forward to giving Cleopatra another go, we have only played once before and I got fed to the crocodiles. I ended up the richest but the most corrupt, and croc food. I was determined not to let that happen this time round. Anyway hopefully we can try again next week.

On another note, Rick Thornquist is doing a great job updating the Essen preview site on Boardgame News. I have added that and other links to this site. My list for potential purchases at Essen is growing, but as I am flying with Garry and Jo, baggage space is at a premium. One hope is that if Steve drives over there we can smuggle a few games into his boot for transport home! I think I will be a bit more selective this year and only buy games that I really, really want. I think we are going to compare lists and try not to buy the same games. That way we should cover more and have even more games to play.

I do like little trick taking card games and there is one that catches the eye, Null & NIchtig from Amigo. Basically you have 65 cards, five colours, numbered 0-11 with 0 occuring twice. Each player receives 13 cards, 3 of which are placed in front of you. Each player then plays a card in front of him and the player who plays the highest card wins the trick, regardless of colour. The winner then picks the cards up in the order they were played and places them into colour piles in front of him, with only one card of each colour showing. Play all the tricks and at the end only the card on top of each colour pile scores points. Trying to give your opponents zeros is favourite. I shall be picking this up, small and cheap.
You can find out more on the Essen Preview site along with tons of other stuff at Boardgame News.

Just one last thing, if you look down the right hand side you will see a tag message board, feel free to use it but keep it clean and civil please.

Until next time....happy gaming!!


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