Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Second Games Session in 2 days .....

Today Pauline and Stephen found there way through the snow blizzard to come and play some more games....with the occasional glass of wine! Talking of snow it hasn't stopped today, snowing constantly and very heavy at times. The snow plough is in constant use, driving past our house at regular intervals.

I thought Settlers would be a good choice for this evening, a classic euro and a decent gateway game. After explaining the rules and dishing out a crib sheet for the improvement cards (my copy is in German), off we went. Of course placing your initial towns is crucial to get off to a good start and Stephen (blue) thought he could have done better when he realised that he had no source for bricks. Everyone else seemed OK and the game developed smoothly. After we had played for a bit Stephen's initial disappoint diminished somewhat and he had a nice little development going. Unfortunately Tina (Red) got really blocked in with little room to build. I thought that I (White) wasn't in a very good position but it turned out not too bad. Pauline (Orange) managed to build a nice road right round the edge of the board and claim the longest road tile.

I was also running out places to build and as I had placed my four cities started to buy improvement cards to try and get some VPs that way. I did get caught with the robber rather badly having 17 cards in hand! What made it worse is that I actually rolled the 7. I did get the VP cards that I wanted and having 9 points on the board I played the 3 VP cards I had to claim the victory (we played to 12 points).
I think everyone enjoyed the game, Stephen said he didn't enjoy it quite as much as TtR, but I think next time everyone will get a better start as they have more knowledge of what's going on.

Final Score
Colin 12, Pauline 9, Stephen 9, Tina 4

Next up was Carcassonne, Pauline and Stephen have the Mayflower edition which they haven't played so I thought we could play the vanilla version first so they could get a feel for the gameplay. After a short rules explanation we jumped in. I couldn't seem to get going at all in this game, just didn't seem to get the tiles (that's my excuse anyway!!) The others were all scoring decent points and getting right away from me. I didn't actually score anything until about halfway through.

I think this was another game everyone liked, again another classic gateway game.

Final Score
Stephen 77, Pauline 66, Colin 59, Tina 45

Here is a picture from our balcony so you can see the snow.

That was taken over a week ago, it's much thicker now!!

Happy Gaming!!


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