Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2 More games of Tobago!

The excellent Tobago bits!

Well, Tina and I had two more games of the excellent Tobago yesterday. As predicted the game time came down to around 75 minutes. I have to admit that I haven't won a game yet...Tina beat me all 3 times! This session the power of the amulets became very apparent, giving lots more options than previously thought.

The cards from my last treasure...with curse!

The second game had an interesting ending, Tina was well in front I think and there was 3 cards left in the treasure deck one of which I knew was a curse. I had a treasure map with all my cards on which I elected to raise. I had to reshuffle the discarded treasure cards and draw from that to make up the difference needed. I said I bet the first card is the curse! I shuffled those cards 3/4 times and....yes, you guessed it, the bloody curse was the first card drawn....Doh!! Well, Tina thought it extremely funny. I wouldn't have won, just made the score a bit more respectable. Ah well...

Happy Gaming!


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