Friday, February 04, 2011

Boardgames and Photography #2 Hameln

Boardgames and Photography #2 Hameln

Hameln, published by Fragor Games carried on from Shear Panic by using resin figures for important game figures. Gordon and Frasier Lamont have released one game a year from 2004 starting with Leapfrog to their latest Antics. Three of these games used resin figures, starting with Shear Panic, then Hameln and finally Antler Island. I own Shear Panic, which I pre-ordered and was collected for me by Richard from their stand at Essen when it was released. So it is the original version with laminated player sheets and tiddlywinks as counters! And also Hameln, which I again pre-ordered and picked up at Essen myself. As games go, they are OK, not outstanding, but the resin figures make them games that I am glad I have in my collection. Let's start with Hameln. Basically the game involves buying houses, marrying and having children earning a bit of cash. However of course, there is a plague of rats that makes life difficult.

Here we have the king rat, front and centre, and his ratty buddies, ready to infest your houses. Photo info, f.5.3, 1/30 and ISO1400. The focal length was 48mm. These figures are great. As Chris Brooks commented on the last post, a fast prime lens would probably be better for this type of photo......I wish I could afford one.

And here he is.....the Pied Piper himself, along with his buddy the cat. He drives the rats away and you score points for being in possession of the cat. Photo info, f.5.6, 1/30 and ISO1600. The focal length was 55mm. I have great fun messing around with these photos on the computer, you have so much control. My wife calls it 'cheating', I call it enhancing!!

Look out for Shear Panic ...the next instalment.


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