Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Tuesday 31st August - Puerto Rico

This time we played that classic 5 player game, Puerto Rico, attendees for this one were, Natalie, Steve, Neil, Garry and myself. The seating order always seems to be a factor in this game so we always determine random seating. For tonight this was, Garry (starting player), Natalie, Steve, Neil and myself. As usual It always pays to notice what the player on your right is collecting because they will be able to trade, ship and so on before you. Neil sitting to my right was going into the Corn market bigtime. The corn strategy has been tried before in our games and is a bit of a gamble, but Neil got it right as you will see. Garry seemed to diversify going Indigo, Sugar and Tobacco, Natalie was mainly Coffee and Indigo and Steve was Tobacco and quarries, lots of quarries. I started with a bit of Corn but with Neil on my right cornering the market I decided not to go that route collecting Sugar and Coffee. I was to Garry’s right so could get rid of my sugar before him and was far enough away from Nat so the Coffee should be OK.

In the end the game was extremely close, the only player not to buy a 10 building was Neil, everybody else had one each. Both Steve and Garry were having to throw stuff off the dock not having a warehouse early on. I got an Office which enabled me to sell my Coffee more easily. Neil got the Wharf which enabled him to ship shedloads of corn, which of course was his strategy. A very close game which the results will show.

Final Scores (C = chips, B=Buildings, Bo=Bonuses)
Garry 28c, 14b, 7bo = 49VP, Natalie 16c, 22b, 12bo =50VP, Steve 13c, 16b, 6bo = 35VP, Neil 42c, 10b, 0bo = 52VP, Colin 28c, 15b, 7bo = 50VP

Rating (0-10)
Colin 9


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