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Tuesday 21st June - Settlers, Cheops expansion

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Phew! The 21st June, the longest day of the years. After a hot sweaty day at work, those tubes in London are a sauna bath, an evening of good gaming was just the right relaxer. Richard had chosen the historical scenario of Settlers, Cheops. The only one we hadn't given a run out. This scenario recreates the building of the great pyramid. At the start you are allowed to place 3 settlements as opposed to the normal 2, but you can only place them on the banks of the Nile. This poses an interesting decision to make as the the pyramid is on the west bank and the only ore producing hexes are far to the east on the other side of the Red Sea. Hmmm. You need to contribute to the pyramid building as being the major contributor gives you an extra 3VPs, but being the least contributor gives you minus 2 VPs. Funnily enough you need ore to build stones on the pyramid!
Richard and Garry made a beeline for the ore, while I copped a sheep port and made for the pyramid. I placed my settlements on a couple of sheep hexes and reckoned I could use the port to get the ore. Those ore hexes became a magnet for the robber too. Anyway it didn't quite work out as planned, I managed to get the 3vp Tile for being in lead for building the pyramid and held on to it for quite a while. But I was held back at the beginning as for the first five dice rolls I didn't pick up a single resource, let alone any sheep!

At the end Richard and I were on 9VPs each and then Richard swooped and bought 2 pyramid stones to take the lead, the 3VP tile and the victory. I enjoyed the game but I think the others weren't as impressed and liked some of the other scenarios more.

Final Scores
Richard 12 Colin 6 Garry 6 Steve 4


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Richard Minson said...

As we were only 4 this evening I took the oportunity to choose the one remaining historical scenario we hadn't yet played - Cheops.

As Colin said with the Ore hexes being the opposite side of the board to the pyramid and there being limited mud (sorry I mean brick) - both of which are need to build the pyramid I made certain my initial placments allowed me to get wood (for road & ship building) and mud (for road & future pyramid building) then built a trading route as quickly as possible to the initially out of bounds moutains. Good dice rolls and therefore good resource production meant I got there quickly and was soon producing lots of Ore (Despite the robber trying to shut me down).

Eventaully after city upgrades I was able to get to the the final 12 points winning total by adding the 3point bonus by adding the the Pyramid and out contribute Colin.

All in all an OK game - but perhapes not my favorite of the historicla scenarios - that would have to be th great wall which felt more fun with the Huns about over run you all the time


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