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Boardgames and Photography #3 Shear Panic

Boardgames and Photography #3 Shear Panic

Shear Panic, published in 2005, was the first game from Fragor to have the resin figures for game pieces. In this case of course....sheep! The original version of the game from Fragor had laminated player sheets and tiddlywinks for counters, very much a home produced effort. The sheep figures, which included 8 sheep, 1 black sheep, 1 sheep shearer and 1 ram were great.

                        f5.3, 1/40, ISO 200, lens at 48mm

Here we have the flock of sheep, each sheep has a dot of colour on it's back denoting which player it belongs to. The photos for all these games were taken on a table placed by the big balcony window with my green felt player cloth on it. Consequently the exposure info is pretty much the same, but I've included it anyway for those of you interested.

                         f5.6, 1/30, ISO 450, lens at 55mm

This is the black sheep of the family. Points are scored at various points during the game. There are four fields for scoring, the team field, Roger the Ram's field, the Black Sheep field and the Shear Panic field.  In the team field you score points for your own sheep being next to each other. In Roger's field your get most points for being nearest to Roger. In the Black Sheep field for touching the 'black sheep', and lastly in the Shear Panic field you can lose sheep for being nearest the Shearer Sheep.

                          f5.6, 1/30, ISO 400, lens at 55mm

Here is the shearer, if you are in the row nearest to him your sheep are 'sheared' ie removed from the game.

                         f5.6, 1/30, ISO 360, lens at 55mm

And finally.....Roger the Ram. Looking very amorous with his red rose to intice the ladies!!

Hope you liked this little tour around the game pieces for 'Shear Panic'.


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