Wednesday, November 17, 2004

TTR Belgium Late Game

TTR Belgium Late Game
Originally uploaded by coljen.
This shows the board at the end of the game. As you can see if you had played with the full 45 carriages the board would have been totally clogged up. With 35 it was just about right.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Richard Minson said...

Seem to remember having a circular route around the east side of the board which made things easyish to connect up. Basically if couldn't get something by going clockwise I could get it by going anti-clockwise.

Also managed to use the game to demonstrate the tactic of hogging one color and not playing it. I had 9 browns in my hand for a good proportion of the game, I knew this would probably prevent anyone picking up the routes I was intending to lay them on ( Which I would pick up at my leasure and only if required ) whilst at the same time causing a shortage else where on the board ( Garry spent most of the game hunting the brown he required to complete an important link on the west side of the board - failure eventually cost him alot of points! )

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the first game I hung on to long route ticket (22 points) I managed to complete all the route with the exception of a small brown section, there must be some browns in there somewhere! Little did I realise that Richard had been hoarding them!! The 22 point hit that I took at the end of the game put me out of contention.

For the second game I'd realised how difficult it was to complete a long route and decided to go for some shorter ones. About two thirds of the way through I'd completed 4 short routes and decided not to pick up any more tickets, instead I decided to finish of some of the 6 train routes. This pays more points than a lot of the tickets without the risk of minus points if you don't complete.

Great board and I'm looking to play it again. Thanks to Colin for the time and effort.


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