Saturday, July 23, 2005

Al Capone

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We had time left after capturing all those outlaws for a quick couple of hands of Al Capone, the fourth in the mystery rummy series. The system is basically the same except you are laying melds of gangsters instead of outlaws. And instead of sheriff cards you have 'gavel' cards. If you can collect complete sets of gangsters you get a number of points for the set, if you just have some of a gangster you get the number of points printed on the card. Obviously you get more points for the set. The gavel cards let you search the discard pile for a card, turn over a number of cards from the deck to try to match cards you have already played and so on. The most powerful gavel card is the 'raid'. This lets you pinch all other cards in play of a meld you have in play. This combined with Search Warrant which lets you search the discard pile. You wouldn't be searching for a raid by any chance!!
A bit unbalanced I think, the cards are better quality and the game is presented in a nice way with good graphics etc.
Garry again played a stormer, raiding to get all the Al Capone cards, the most valuable set, and going out as well. This resulted in a shut out, when only he scored points.

Final Scores
Garry 73 Richard 31 Steve 18 Colin 16

Oh, by the way Garry was on picture taking duty, and he couldn't resist showing us his full set of Al Capones!!


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