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Tuesday 28th June - Amazonas

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Played at my place last night with just Richard and Steve. We sat down to explore the fairly new Stefan Dorra game Amazonas. This game involves building huts across the Amazon river and surrounding jungle. The game is driven by an 18 card deck of event cards, each turn you turn over an event card which affects all players for that turn. After the last card is turned over the game ends and you add up your points. You get points for collecting species tiles at the site of your huts. Basically you get 1 point for each tile but you have to have at least three of a type for them to count at all. You each have a set of seven cards numbered from 0-6, you each play one card together, and the highest gets to go first to build a hut. There are also specie symbols on the cards that are added to the number, one extra for each tile you have of that type. At the start of the game you also get a mission card with four villages on, for each village you don’t build a hut in you get -3 points.
This is not a heavyweight game by any means, more of a middleweight romp with some interesting decisions to make. A game you could get a non-gamer to play I think. Anyway I did disasterously, we played 2 games and I came last in both. So I didn’t even learn from my mistakes! Each player gets to place a hut before you start and the placing of that hut is important in the relation to the villages printed on your mission card. Steve obviously cracked this game straight away winning both games by a considerable margin. A pleasant way to spend an evening, and the chicken and mayo sarnies the missus knocked up were pretty good too!

Final Scores - Game 1
Steve 17 Richard 9 Colin 3

Game 2
Steve 18 Richard 9 Colin 6


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