Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tuesday 19th July - Wyatt Earp/Al Capone

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Garry was the host for tonights Billygames session. On the menu tonight were two card games in Mike Fitzgeralds Mystery Rummy series. OK, I know I said last week that we don't very often play card games, stuff happens. :)

Wyatt Earp
This is the first in the series, well it doesn't actually say Mystery Rummy No. 1 but the system is the same and I think it started the series off. Basically you play sets, or melds as they are called, of outlaws to the table. Each time you add reward money to their reward posters which are in the centre of the table. $1,000 x number of cards minus 1. You also have sheriff cards which can affect play in different ways. Getting a card from another player, pinching a card already in play and so on. The hand ends when either one player discards their last card or you have been through the deck twice. You then score the outlaws, each card has a number of capture points (CP) on it and their have to be 8 CP on the table for the outlaw to be captured. The player with most CP if he is more than 5 CP in front of the second player gets the lot. If their are players within 4 CP of him they get a share to.
The game ends when someone gets to $25,000. I like the mystery rummy games and I think this is one of the best. Garry was obviously a very good bounty hunter because he had an easy win. Even though I tried to play the hideout card on his biggest stack of outlaws. The hidout card makes the meld not counted when scoring, he managed to get rid of it with his Wyatt Earp card. Doh!

Final Scores
Garry 31,000 Colin $19,000 Steve $18,000 Richard $15,000


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