Sunday, August 07, 2005

August 6th Gaming Day at Garrys - Familienbande

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As Garry’s wife was out for the day, he invited us round for a day of gaming. We were going to start around 10 and Jo was coming from Burgess Hill to join us again. I caught the train from Billingshurst and arrived at Horsham around 9.45, Steve picked me up and we arrived at Garry’s soon after. As Jo hadn’t arrived yet Steve produced Familienbande for an opener. Garry and I hadn’t played this one before, but it’s light and quick, ideal for a filler. Here is a short description.
Familienbande is the third game in Winning Moves’ new “Compact Game” series, and is by Leo Colovini. It’s a fast and funny board game that deals with the dynastic succession of royal families. Brides are chosen, heirs are born. Unmistakable traits such as large noses, red hair or cauliflower ears are depicted on the humourously-illustrated cards; these traits must be used to score points and be combined in engagements and births. Incest? Shame on you for thinking of such a possibility! The game is for 2-4 players 8 and up.
Jo arrived in the middle of the game and we told him to have a think what we could play next. Both Steve and I had brought a selection of games and of course Garry has a load too. We quickly finished Familienbande and suprisingly I got the win.

Final Scores
Garry 35, Colin 61, Steve 55


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