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Tuesday September 6th - Euphrates & Tigris

E & T 1
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So here we are back again after last week's absence. This week we played at Steve's place and it was just myself, Garry and Steve, and the game on the table was Renier Knizia's Euphrates & Tigris. One of the most prolific game designers, this game is considered by many as his finest game to date. Released in 1997 this game is rich in strategic decisions, has Renier's quirky scoring (your score is the colour you have least cubes in) and you always want to do more than the 2 actions you are allowed.
Garry hadn't played at all, despite owning a copy, I had played once and I suspect Steve has played multiple times, as the final scores suggests. Garry and I started off reasonably well, but by mid game Steve had successful disrupted our ambitions of empire and started to dominate the board. I managed to build the first monument but only enjoyed the benefits for a couple of turns before Steve had kicked my leader out. Garry did make one cracking move that knocked Steve back for a bit, but it was only a hiccup in his progress. Four monuments were built and I think Steve was gaining blocks from all of them at one point. So Steve was a clear winner, I need to play more to appreciate the depth of this game I think.

Final Scores
Steve 15, Colin 9, Garry 6


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