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August 6th Gaming Day at Garrys - China

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As Powergrid took nearly 3 and half hours, we took a break here for some refreshment. Garry had provided some quiches and salad we all chipped in with various goodies which where all quickly consumed. We had agreed that the loser would choose the next game. So Steve asked for suggestions, we all fancies giving China a runout so that is what he chose. China is an updated version of Web of Power and features a few changes: two different boards, a slightly different card distribution, four face-up cards to choose from, no "half time" scoring, and optional fortification pieces which double cloister scoring. I liked Web of Power so was looking forward to giving this a run out.
The fortress tiles are interesting although you can win without actually playing it, as Steve proved. As with WoP you have to get points not only from houses in the provinces but with emissaries also to have a realistic chance of winning. It all seemedfairly close, I think Garry was the only one who hadn’t played WoP before. In the end the emissary scores gave Steve a win.

Final Scores
Steve 45, Colin 43, Garry 39, Jo 36

OK then, Jo’s choice and it was a favourite of everybody I think, Geschenkt! Very simple in concept but an enjoyable and fairly light card game. Do you really want that high card or do you pay to pass? A chances to stuff your opponents too, as Garry found out in hand 4. He was leading fairly comfortably up till then. Steve had a good win here.

Final Scores
Steve 185, Colin 202, Jo 216, Garry 264

As Jo had to be going fairly soon we chose our final game of Tongiaki. I had only played this once before, but both Garry and Steve had played it a few times. A starting tile - Tonga - is placed in the middle of the board, with six beaches on each of the six sides of the tile. Each beach has three “moorings” at it, each which can hold one ship token. Players take fifteen boats of their color, and then take turns placing two boats, one at a time, on the start tile, leaving at least one open mooring at each beach.
Thirty-two tiles are stacked in a face down pile near the board, one player starting the game as play proceeds clockwise around the table. Players place boats on the beaches and as they fill up they set sail and a new tile is turned over. Once the last sea or land tile is exposed the game ends and points are scored for every tile you have a presence on. Again Steve and Garry seemed to be vying for the win. A lot of boats sink in the 3 player version as you can never have four colours on a beach and if you turn up a 4 sea, glug, glug there gone. Of course this can be a good tactic to get rid of your opponents boats. Anyway I hung in to split the pair for a second place with Steve getting the win.

Final Scores
Steve 29, Colin 24, Garry 20

All in all a good day’s gaming, thanks to Garry for hosting.

Essen 2005
I didn’t think I was going to make this year again. Went in 2003 with Richard but couldn’t make it last year. Anyway Richard mentioned last tuesday that the fee for the eurotunnel had dropped dramatically for a two day return. Hmm, that made me think, let me just run that past the financial director (the wife) and see what happens. The outcome is that whoooo hoooo I am going to Essen this year with Richard in his TVR. Eurotunnel Saturday morning early, really early to arrive at Essen by about 9am. Dump stuff in the hotel back by the 10am opening time. This time we can relax and have an evening meal and a beer (or two) and travel back the following afternoon. We did it in a day in 2003 which was fun but really tiring. So look out Essen here we come! Just got to get some money to buy games now. Oh well.


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