Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tuesday 23rd August - City & Guilds/Einfach Genial

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Had quite a troublesome couple of weeks personally. Got taken ill on the train to work and admitted to hospital in Croydon. Stayed in for 3 days while they tried to sort out the problem. Turns out I have high blood pressure and high cholestrol! Plus they think I may have arythmia. A heart rythmn problem. So I am off work for 3 weeks wired up to a box to monitor my heart. The wife said I could still play games as long I didn't get stressed stressed out. So I had the pleasure of Steve, Garry and Jo to play City and Guilds. From the Geek:
As the streets and blocks of a medieval city are built up with the various guilds' buildings, players will want to speculate in supporting the more successful guilds, but also to invest in their buildings themselves. A clever tile-laying game, City and Guilds present players with devious options and decisions.
I think Steve had played once before, but the rest of us hadn't played at all. Steve ran through the rules, a bit of confustion on scoring the blocks and guilds but we coped. Of course we failed to notice the rule about scoring guild chains at the end of the game, so we decided to ignore that one. It would have definitely influenced the positioning of our buildings and markets, but hey, we'll know next time. The game flowed quite nicely and gave you several interesting decisions to make. I think we were all a bit conservative in placing 2 men on a building, fearing that we would run out. This proved not to be the case, in fact all but Garry I think had men left resulting in minus points. Another point to bear in mind for the next play.

Final Scores
Jo 34, Steve 40, Garry 40, Colin 48


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