Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup and stuff

Well, I have been watching a lot of footy and not playing many games the last few days. To be honest most of the games have been a load of rubbish, only a couple of good games. USA v Slovenia and South Korea v Greece were quite exciting. But, England, well they are just awful. Heskey just makes up the numbers because he doesn't contribute a thing to the team. Rooney might just have well stayed in the dressing room for all the good he did, Lennon looked scared to death and passed the ball as soon as he got it. What about running at the defence and going past people, he does that week in and week out for Spurs (and I am a Spurs fan).
Unfortunately Capello hasn't got the bottle to drop Rooney and a few of the others. Still I can see us going home early if we put in a performance on Wednesday with no passion, no skill and no desire.
Well, that's my rant, and as to games, the only ones I have been playing have been online. Well, when I can because I have been having a torrid time with my computer. For a week or so now I have been getting blue screens, freezes and crashes. I went online on my laptop and tried to get some suggestions as to the answer and the general consensus was it may have something to do with corrupt RAM. Today I went into the case to check it out and found that the RAM sticks had been cemented to the slots with something like bathroom sealer......WHAT!! After a lot of huffing and swearing, Tina, who has smaller fingers than me, managed to free them up and I took out the 2 512Mb sticks and left the 2 1Gb sticks in. Hoovered out all the dust and connected it all back up and booted.....holds breath.
Well, it's been on for an hour or so now and no problems so far (keeps fingers crossed). Just have to wait and see....for the computer and the football.

Happy Gaming!!


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