Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creative effects with the computer

Well, some might call them creative, others tell the truth! Here are a couple of pictures that I messed around with on the computer. I must admit I do like black and white images, but only certain subjects lend themselves to this treatment. On this picture I added a sepia tint and some grain to simulate a rather aged look. I like it, tell me what you think!

I tried a similar treatment on one of the pictures of the rats from Hameln. Didn't add the grain but put a vignette on it. Don't like it, it doesn't really work I think. Anyway have a look.

This one isn't BW, but I have played around with the colours and used a graduated filter on the sky. The lake is partially frozen and the sun reflected on the ice looks good I think. I like this one.

Just a few pictures I have been playing around with. Hope you like them. The next Boardgames and Photography post is Tobago....coming soon!!


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