Wednesday, November 17, 2004

TTR Belgium Board Game 2

TTR Belgium Board Game 2
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As the first game only took about an hour, we decided to play a second game. I think everyone took more tickets in this game. The scores were closer as the routes were a bit more familiar. Richard managed to complete the Knokke to Bertrix route for 18 pts and consequently got the longest train card as well (length of 29). I took some tickets mid game and had one already completed (Liege to Arlon) for 10pts and one I thought I could complete fairly easily. As it was I was one link short. Doh! In the picture their has’nt a been a major train disaster I forgot to take the photo before we checked the scores so the carriages are all on their side. As I said the scores were a lot closer and Garry pushed Richard all the way being only 2pts behind.

Final Scores (*denotes starting player)
Neil 69 (Black), *Steve 66 (Blue), Richard 88 (Red), Colin 72 (Yellow), Garry 86 (Green)


At 1:26 PM, Blogger Richard Minson said...

Picking two of my first three route card I ended up needing to essentially go from the east side of the board to the west side. Opting for this strategy does present risks, but so long as you don't make it obvious what you are doing before you have collected the cards required to get out of the 'bottle necks' ( in this case the south east corner ) there is always a good chance of completing the route.

So before I laid any trackI made sure I had the cards required to exit the south east upto the double 'any color' line going acros the centre of the board ( plus get awy from the channel coast in the west )

With the extremities completed I was able to link the middle bit of the track. Concerted effort could probably still have stopped me doing this ( and believe me Steve tried very hard to convince people to do it! ) - but the other players all had other problems and couldn't really afford the cards to do it. It was still pretty close - I only just picked up the last available east-west line out of Gand ( The 4 brown ) - and the double 'any color' was still almost blocked.

After 2 plays I think the Belgum map is an excellent and challenging map.

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