Friday, September 09, 2005

Essen 2005 Update

Getting closer to Essen now, so much so that I have started to browse the Gamefest Essen Preview of games. The financial director has assured me that I will have a few euros to spend on games, although where on earth are you going to put them she says. Anyway there are a few games that have piqued my interest and needless to say Martin Wallace features in a couple of them. I never have been a fan of Age of Steam, although I am in a minority in our group, but the new Railroad Tycoon does look as though I would enjoy it a lot more. The board itself is a work of art, if you have a table big enough to put it on! So that is on my list at the top. A few others include, Shear Panic by Fragor Games. I have just pre-ordered my copy, the game sounds interesting but you just got have it for those sheep!!
Martin Wallace is again on my list with Tempus, a conquest type Civilisation game that plays in under 2 hours. Ostia is a game of trading set in a around the roman harbour of Ostia. I am a sucker for historical games, especially roman, greek or eyptian so that sounds interesting.
Splotter Games are not a name I am familiar with but I have just read a review of their new game Indonesia in Counter and that sounds as though it's worth a look too.
And last but I'm sure not least is Byzantium, another Martin Wallace game published by Warfrog. A wargame in 2 hours, cool! And by Wallace just gotta see this one. Hope some of you will make to Essen, it's a gamers paradise, just make sure you take enough cash and luggage space to get everything home.
As I said before I did go to Essen 2003 with Richard in his TVR. We did it in a day. Fun but tiring. If you would like to read the report of that trip with pics go here.

Happy Gaming!


At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Olivier said...

Byzantium is not what you can call a "wargame". At least less than "Struggle of Empire", for example. And I think you will need more than 2 hours (my one playing - I enjoyed it) clocked closer to 3 hours).


At 11:22 AM, Blogger coljenn said...

Thanks for your comment Olivier, I had only read what it said on Gamefest, still Martin Wallace is a designer I like and will definitely give this a look.

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Reixou said...

And you are right : this is another typical good Wallace / Warfrog gamer's game


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