Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Games Again.....sob!!

Well, a combination of circumstances have resulted in the session probably being cancelled again this week. Richard has flown of to the States for some skiing, Steve is working in Southampton and probably won't be back in time, and as he is hosting that poses a bit of a problem. On top of that Garry is feeling a bit under the weather with the flu. So no games again......the good side is that the wife bought me The Thief of baghdad for a Valentine's day present and actually played it with me. Whooo Hooo! Mind you that will probably be the last time she plays it :)

I have just been looking on the Ragnor Brothers site about the upgrade kit for Canal Mania, my name is down straight away. I like the game a lot and it will be good to have the revised bits without having to buy a whole new game.

Nothing else has happened of any note gamewise....oh I have just received my new copy of counter so a bit of good reading to do.

Happy Gaming :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gaming last week

Sorry for the late posting of this, I didn't make the game session last week and Garry has just sent me a brief report of what was played.

Report from Garry

We were due to play Tigris and Euphrates this week (it's number 2 in the BBG chart and we're meant to be working our way down the list. Well when we sat down to play we realised that no one had a copy to hand. I'd sold my copy to Joe the week previous and the others thought I still had a copy so didn't bring theirs - doh! Any way we decided to have an open choice and started with Yspahan.

Yspahan was one of my Essen purchases and this was the fist time I got a cance to play it. It took a while to go through the rules, and to be honest I was totaly confused by the time we started, seems like a poor set of rules. After a couple of turns it all kind of fell into place, although the strategy was a little unclear, whilst I'm sure we played the game to the correct rules I think it'll need a couple of more plays to get the hang of it. It's not complicated, just not to clear what the best way to win is. Not bad, and it definately needs a couple more plays to 'bed-in'.
1st - 75 Garry, 2nd - 69 Richard, 3rd -62 Steve.

Yspahan didn't take to long once we got going so we had time for a game of Fiji. Colin, Steve and I had played this last week and enjoyed it so we decided to introduce it to richard. It's a good fun game that is best played reasonably fast using a bit of intuition rather than cold logic. With this in mind it plays fast, is over pretty quick and can be quite a laugh. File next to Hol's der Geier and Diamant.
1st - 6 Richard, 2nd - 4 Steve, 3rd - 2 Garry.

So this week we shall be playing Tigris & Euphrates, if someone remembers to bring a copy.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 6th - Metromania/Fiji

This week it was my choice and I thought I would choose a couple of games I purchased at Essen this year but hadn't got around to playing yet, Metromania and Fiji. Metromania is published by Speil-ou-Face and designed by Jean-Michel Maman. In the game the players dig two subway lines each across the city, trying to connect places of housing, leisure and factories to gain points. The play is not difficult, in a turn a player may lay up to 3 subway tiles or build a station, if his line connects to another line a station is built automatically. Players also have some destination markers with letters on the backs, these must be placed during the game and at the end journeys are made between them, the lines that consist of the shortest journey time score points for their owners.

The Board

A journey is also made between the park and the lake. So players must complete their two lines or they get a penalty and they are trying to connect to the destinations so they score points in the journeys at the end of the game. The game components are OK, the triangular tiles and stations are a bit fiddly to lay, especially when the board gets a bit crowded, but overall not a bad game with some interesting situations arising for placement. Garry got blocked on one of his lines and so could only build on his other line. I think we may have played the ending condition wrong at this point, in the rules the ending conditions are if 5 lines have been completed or blocked, or a player finishes his second line. We ended the game when Garry had finished his second line, but in reality this was only his first as his other was blocked.....ah well, get it right next time.

Board Close Up

We were only 3 tonight as Richard couldn't make it, and the board was crowded with 3 so it would have more so with four. I enjoyed the game and there is some interesting plays to be made.

Final Scores
Garry 29, Steve 20, Colin 9

Fiji is a game by Friedmann Friese, and if you don't like auctions this is probably not the game for you. In this game you are bidding gems to win more gems and the player with the highest amount of the right gems at the end of the round gets shrunken heads as a reward. The game consists of 4 rounds each of 3 auctions. Each player starts with a set of gems which he places behind his screen, one extra set is placed as the pool. The four goal are shuffled and rotated at random then dealt alongside the idol card, the nearest one is the first goal the rest are tiebreakers. Then you shuffle the condition cards and lay out 4, then the action cards and lay 4 alongside the condition cards. Each player secretly chooses a number of gems to bid and then they are revealed together. Each players bid counts for all 4 of the condition cards, you win depending on what the condition card says, most green gems, least blue and yellow, there are different combinations on all the cards. You do this 3 times then their is a scoring round the player that meets the 1st goal card, it may be most gems or least gems of a particular colour, gets 2 shrunken heads, second player gets 1.

You play 4 rounds and the player with the most shrunken heads at the end is the winner. As I say if you don't like auctions it's maybe not the game for you and you don't want to analyse the cards too much when you bid it loses it's fun flavour. It's best played fast and loose, it was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it.

Final Scores
Steve 5, Colin 4, Garry 3