Friday, February 22, 2008

A Trip to Gmunden and lucky bargain too!

As I reported in my last post we went to Gmunden on Monday. We had a couple of hours to look round the town. It's on the lake Traunsee, very picturesque with mountains and snow on them all around. We had some lunch first then we had a look at the local church, all the churches in Austria are very beautiful. I did take some photographs and I will try to post one when I have the time. We had a look around the local shops and one, called Libro is like WH Smith. Books, stationery, CDs a few computer bits.....and some games. In Smiths that would be trivial pursuit and UNO, here it is Settlers of Catan and Zooloretto and such. And as luck would have it all the games were 30% off! I showed great self control and only bought Zooloretto for 16 Euros, just under £12.

I have now downloaded all the expansions from Michael Schacht's site...just got to get Tina to give me a game now....

Anyway, that's all for now
Happy Gaming!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boardgames at St Wolfgang

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Well, we have played a few games now, havn't had a chance to look for any local players yet but we have played a couple of games together. Last weekend we played Fagins Gang and The Pillars of the Earth, Tina won both. And yesterday we played 2 games of Ticket to Ride Switzerland which I won. Today we got the games out again and started off with Carcassonne - Die Burg, which Tina wasn't that keen on, I won by the way. Then we had another game of TTR Switzerland, which Tina likes quite a lot. Our games have quite close but this one was a disaster for Tina as she took some tickets and pondered over which one to keep, only to throw the wrong one away!! Anyway, it was an enjoyable game.

Tomorrow we are going to Gmunden with our Austrian friend, Franz, it's about 45 minutes away on a lake and is very picturesque. We hope to have some lunch there and do a bit shopping.

That's all for now.....happy gaming!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lake Wolfgang is frozen

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As you can see from the picture the lake is partially frozen at the moment. The weather has been brilliant for the last few days. Lovely sunshine but very cold, ideal for lovely walks around the lake. We are going to Salzburg for the day on friday so we are hoping that the weather is going to stay the same. No boardgames for now, the weather is just too great.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today is hairdresser day (for the wife)

Things are still going well.....sort of. We had a few problems getting online, Telekomm Austria weren't very helpful and I had to set up the connection myself. Did that last Monday, and on the very same day the satellite tv went wrong. We get tv from a satellite, astra, I think, and we had just bought a new sat. receiver. Oh doh! I hope that hadn't gone wrong....but no it was a connection from the sat. dish on the roof. We had an engineer in and he sorted it. So we can get our 100+ german and austrian channels again.

We do get some english channels, only Sky News, BBC World, CNN and Euro News. But there is a lot of sport on, much to the wife's dismay. She has gone to the hairdresser's for the first time this morning dreading the worst. She expects to come out like a hairy coconut....she's got a thing about hairdressers, she's had the same one for 20 years.

Anyway, I was looking at my site meter and I see there are still a few of you having a look now and then, thanks for that. I shall post some more photos when I get some good ones.

That's all for now, happy gaming!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

In Austria at last

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Well, we finally made it. We arrived in St. Wolfgang on the 3rd January, but had to go into B&B for a fortnight as our furniture hadn't arrived from the UK yet. It didn't actually arrive until the 17th so that's when we moved in. We have been in now for just over two weeks and everybody has been so helpful and friendly. We have just about sorted out all the paperwork necessary but the second bedroom looks like a tip as we haven't got around to sorting everything out yet. Still it will take time.

As you can see from the picture there is some snow about and it is quite cold, but it is lovely just the same. There is a town called Bad Ischl about 14km away and they have a small game shop. In England that would mean Boggle and Trivial Pursuit, but I bought The Pillars of the Earth there for £23 so that can't be bad. I might even get the wife to give me a game sometime.

I have been reading Green Dobbers the blog which Garry has started to track the games that they have been playing. It's the skiing season, so Richard is away quite a bit at the moment so they have been playing quite a few two player games. Have a look, it's at......

Anyway, that's all for now.......happy gaming!!!