Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2 More games of Tobago!

The excellent Tobago bits!

Well, Tina and I had two more games of the excellent Tobago yesterday. As predicted the game time came down to around 75 minutes. I have to admit that I haven't won a game yet...Tina beat me all 3 times! This session the power of the amulets became very apparent, giving lots more options than previously thought.

The cards from my last treasure...with curse!

The second game had an interesting ending, Tina was well in front I think and there was 3 cards left in the treasure deck one of which I knew was a curse. I had a treasure map with all my cards on which I elected to raise. I had to reshuffle the discarded treasure cards and draw from that to make up the difference needed. I said I bet the first card is the curse! I shuffled those cards 3/4 times and....yes, you guessed it, the bloody curse was the first card drawn....Doh!! Well, Tina thought it extremely funny. I wouldn't have won, just made the score a bit more respectable. Ah well...

Happy Gaming!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tobago hits the table!!

Well, my games from Spiele Offensive came last Thursday and I must say all the hype I have read about the Tobago bits is fully justified. The idols, palm trees and huts as well everything else is top notch. I had read the rules before online so yesterday Tina and I sat down to play our first game. We had a bit of a struggle working out how the clue cards related to each other at first, and the site markers went off and on the board a few times until we had it sussed. The Amulets are also a lot more useful than first appears, as the game progressed and we got into the system more we could see the various options that the amulets afforded.
The game took 2 hours, but I think that about half that was learning curve, I am sure our next game will be much shorter....and the good news is that Tina, after some initial doubts, liked the game and said she would play again! Whoo Hooo!!
I also like the presentation of Justinian, another of the games I purchased, the graphics and production is also very high. Haven't played that one yet though, will report when we have played a game. The final purchase was Hector and Achilles, a 2 player card game from Phalanx, again haven't played it yet but looks interesting. Again will report later.....

Happy Gaming!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First games of 'Through the Desert'

As I said before the local library has a good selection of games and 'Through the Desert' is the second game I have got out. This afternoon Tina said she would like to play, so we played 3 games off the bat in about 90 minutes. After the first game and she got into it a bit the games became very enjoyable. I remember playing years ago with the Horsham gamers. With two players there are 10 camel trains on the board, with 4 players there are 20! I can't remember back when I played before, but the board must be quite crowded!!

Anyway, we had a good time and here are the scores.

Game 1
Tina 103 Colin 110

Game 2
Tina 109 Colin 103

Game 3
Tina 111 Colin 121

Monday, January 04, 2010

It's all over now!

Well, that went pretty fast. We had a quiet Christmas here in St. Wolfgang, no snow then, but plenty now. Typical a week late.....ah well! There's always next year. Played a couple of games over the festive period, Tikal and TtR Marklin. Took Tikal back to the library and got out 'Through the Desert', only played that once or twice a few years ago, so looking forward to getting reaquainted.
My online game store of choice 'Spiel-Offensive' has some great deals on at the moment, loads of games for under 10 Euro. I had some money for my birthday (Christmas Eve!) so thought I would treat myself. I have been reading good things about Tobago and it looks great so that went on the list. Then a couple of cheapies to make up the order, several to choose from but I went with Justinian (2.99 Euro) and Hector and Achilles (2.99 Euro). They may not be games in the top 10 but they look great and for 2.99 are a steal.

Happy New Year to all and Happy Gaming!!