Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another World Cup bites the dust!

Been a while since my last post, and in that time the World Cup has been and gone. Being retired now I had the time to watch a few games (all of them actually)...and I must say what a disappointment. There was only a handful of games that were any good, the rest were too boring to believe. I can understand why 'soccer' hasn't really taken off in the States if all they saw were games like that. The passing was 'sideways-sideways-back to the goalie-backwards-sideways' you get the drift. Especially in the opening group games, no one wanted to lose so the games were booooring.
Ah well, there was always England's performances to brighten the day.........I wish!! What a load of over-paid, under achievers. I heard a comment say that it wasn't the managers fault. He just took the wrong players......what!! Didn't he choose the squad then. OK, that's my rant. Oh, and if Sepp Blatter doesn't think we want goal line technology after the couple of awful gaffs in the tournament there's no hope for the game at all.

Anyway, on the gaming front, now the footy's finished I have been playing a few. I have been playing Army of Frogs and San Juan with Tina. She had played Frogs before but not San Juan. In the first game of SJ she was a bit overwhelmed by all the cards, but by the 3rd game she pretty much had it down and we had some enjoyable games then.

St. Wolfgang is pretty busy right now, height of the tourist season. The weather has been very hot, up to 35C on some days. We had an air show over the weekend of 10/11th July with displays by the Red Bull aerobatic champion Hannes Arches. They also had a giant video screen on a float on the lake and showed the World Cup Final on it.

Anyway, happy gaming all!!!