Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boardgames and Photography #4 Tobago

Tobago designed by Bruce Allen and published in 2009 by a number of publishers, my copy is Zoch Verlag, is basically a treasure hunt. The modular board depicts an island with various types of terrain on it. Beach, grassland, forest, mountains and lakes. Players control an 'all-terrain vehicle' to journey around the island. The island also has some other features, namely,  three palm trees, three huts and three stone statues which are really sturdy and well crafted items.

                         f5 1/30 ISO320 38mm focal length

As you can see they are nicely produced and give the board a really nice look when set up. Players have clue cards which they can play to reduce the likely location of the treasure. When it is reduced to just one possibility they can move their ATV there as fast as they can to retrieve said treasure.

                           f5 1/30 ISO280 46mm focal length

The stone idols are really nice, resin cast and have a nice weight. Whenever a treasure is raised the idols turn 60 degrees and an amulet is thrown up in a straight line on the coast of the island. Players can pick up these amulets, which have various powers and use them later in the game.

A very nicely produced game, with top class components which photograph well.


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