Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Tuesday 24th November - Carcassonne start with Count and River

Tonights game was Carcassonne with the new expansion ‘The Count’ plus all the previous expansions, except the King and Robber Knight. Nearly a full complement at Billygames tonight with Natalie, Neil, Garry, Richard and Colin (me). After a quick refresher on the rules as we had’nt played Carc for a while, we was off. The Count definitely adds a new strategic element and makes meeple management all the more important. The river soon snaked around the city walls and we was wondering if the playing table was going to be big enough! Cities were being finished pretty quickly by non-controlling players to get that extra meeple in the castle, abbey, market or blacksmith. Also for the wine, wheat and cloth chits. Steve was the only player to get a meeple in the Abbey and was then closed down by having the Count move in for some prayers. The blacksmith never got used at all during the whole game. It was mainly the castle and towards the end game the market became more valuable to control those farms.


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