Monday, September 26, 2005

Another Essen Update

Bad news for me on the Essen front. I am unable to go now because of some health problems I’m having, I won’t go into details but needless to say I am very disappointed. The upside is that the friend that I was going with, Richard, has said he will pick up some games if I give him a list. So from not going, then out of the blue I am going then back to not going. That sucks, still I shall definitely make a big effort to get their next year.
I have also missed a few weekly Billygames sessions because of the aforementioned problems, and I will miss tomorrow’s too I think, but I will be back next week. So keep watching this space the reports will be back to normal service soon. If anybody has a list for Essen please leave a comment and we can see what are the most looked forward to games. At the moment on my definite list is Railroad Tycoon, Shear Panic (got to love those sheep) and Memoir ’44. I don’t want to pick to many for two reasons. I don’t want to burden Richard with too much of my stuff, he’s good enough to be getting anything, and space in my games cupboard is definitely getting to be a premium.
I have been looking at Memoir ’44 because another friend, Jo, has recommended it as a goodun’. I am not a wargamer and I like games that are 2 hours tops, but M44 plays in 30-45minutes and the production values are top notch. As the company is Days of Wonder this is not a suprise. I am sure all the Billygames guys that are going will be bringing back a good selection of the new stuff for us to get our teeth into. So until next time.......happy gaming!


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