Thursday, April 21, 2011

Palm Sunday and London

Well, last Sunday was Palm Sunday here in Austria. At 9.30am it looked as though all the village had assembled in square by the priests house, everyone in traditional Austrian dress and all carrying large poles with fir branches, apples, ribbons and flowers attached to the tip. After the priest has given a blessing one of the local bands leads a procession through the village centre to the church. I took a few images of the occassion.

A very colourful affair with lots of opportunities for photos.

London is becoming one of my favourite games now. Had an opportunity to play a couple of 3 player games with Pauline and Stephen over the last couple of weeks. They were over here for the Easter hols. There is a bit of a learning curve for the first game as you get to see what all the cards do and how they interact. As this was the first time I had played with more than 2 it was interesting to see how different cards became more or less powerful with more players. The omnibus for instance is very powerful with 2, not so with 3. Anyway, I managed to win the first game on a tiebreak with Pauline (I had less poverty). Stephen got hammered with poverty in this game. In the second obviously having learnt a painful lesson in the first Stephen had an easy win with only one point of poverty at the end game. This time it was Pauline and myself that succumbed to the poverty trap!


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