Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tuesday 27th September - Puerto Rico

As I said before I didn’t make last night but Garry has given a few details. Only 3 Billygamers in attendence, Richard (back from his round the world jaunt), Steve and Garry. First up was Puerto Rico, always a favourite with our group. Whenever we are not sure what to play out comes PR, anyway I haven’t got any details about the game save the result.

Garry 40 (+1 doubloon), Richard 40, Steve 37

As you can see it must have been a very close game.

To finish they played a game of Un Reifenbreite, a cycling game with lots of dice rolling. Again a close game, haven’t got the exact result but only a spread of 5/6 points separated the players. All I know is that Garry won his second game of the evening. Go Garry!!

Hopefully I will be back in attendence next week and it should be Garry’s choice of game. Not AoS please Garry!!

Happy Gaming!


At 5:50 PM, Blogger Richard Minson said...

To fill in the gaps ...

For the Puerto Rico game we played with expansion set, randomly determining what 'new' buildings we would play with.

The game progressed with Garry shipping lots of stuff, Steve shipping some but also generating some cash & Myself concentrating on a long term strategy of being able to get as many special building by the end of the game (4 Quarries & the library - useful for the double bonus when I chose the builder).

I eventually ended up with 3 special buildings compared to Garry & Steve having 1 each - unfortunately Garry had shipped 27vps compared to my 6vps - and he won one the tie break (By having 1 doubloon - whilst I had no doubloons or goods :-( ).

Steve was also only a few vps behind - and I'm sure that if a few choices had gone slightly differently in the last few turns then the game could have gone to any of us.

The Um Riefenbrete was just as close - with Steve getting the most points out of the first sprint - myself doing best in the second and last sprints - but Garry's cyclists generally getting across the final finish line a head of Steve & myself (With some stunning finishing dice rolls I have to say!) & generating enough points to win overall.

For my part the rolling a 1 (in conjunction with a five card to move only 3 spaces!!) whilst in the lead with my main rider drafting my next 2 bikes immeadiately behind it at the bottom of the hill on the run in to the finish cost me badly (I had the cards to get all three bikes over the top if I could have just moved 5 spaces!!) - mayhem eventually ensued with cyclists falling off all over the place (Steve, Garry's and Mine) as they tried to get over the hill!!

Ah well all good fun and that is what counts!


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