Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Who Knows Where The Time Goes....

....So says the old Sandy Denny song. It's been over a month since my last post....where does it go? Anyway, I have been pretty caught up playing a couple of Facebook games, Warstorm and War Metal Tyrant. Both collectible card games, Warstorm is fantasy themed and Tyrant is warfare, tanks, planes etc. Unfortunately they are both pretty addictive and I spend much too much time playing them (you can say that again, says Tina).

You can spend actual cash on these games but I don't. You can progress by winning battles and gaining experience and gold (or silver in Warstorm's case) to purchase more cards. There are several missions or campaigns that you can undertake and when you achieve certain goals you are rewarded with gold/silver or new cards.

So on the boardgame front not a lot has been happening, I am tracking Ank Morporkh  and The Road to Canterbury on BGG, as they look interesting, but not a lot of news at the moment.

I did find an interesting music app from Google called mflow which is pretty good. Apparently it doesn't work too well in Europe, but I have found that some tracks play OK and some only play once then you can only play a 30 sec clip. You can play the tracks as many times as you want in the UK though.

There are quite a lot of things happening here in St. Wolfgang and we have been to a few concerts lately. The local choirs had one a couple of weeks ago, 8 choirs from around the lake and a guest choir from Sweden, very good.

I will try to post a bit quicker next time :)


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